Dear Retailer

  1. Huzzah (Pty) Ltd Registration Number 2021/458953/07 trading as Huzzah invites you to register as an approved retailer on the Huzzah Gift Registry App which links you to Huzzah’s clients consisting of event owners and, through them, to each of the guests invited to their events. The guests are, in turn provided with a list of the desired gifts, giving you the opportunity to advertise on the app and conclude sales of items to the guests.

  2. Your logo will appear on the App and if the Event Owner selects you, your logo will appear next to the appropriate gift on the gift list sent to all the guests together with information relevant to the function.

  3. Your business will have the exposure provided by the appearance of your logo on the App, and, more directly, by the link to the guests on the gift list.

  4. On receipt of acceptance by Huzzah of your application to join the App as an approved retailer, the following terms and conditions shall take effect:
    4.1. You will email your inventory, prices and logo to us at your expense.
    4.2. You will be encouraged to offer one voucher to the value of 10% or greater of the VAT inclusive price of any item listed on the gift list which if purchased by, or on behalf of a guest and guarantee to credit the face value of the voucher against the price which would otherwise have been paid by the guest for the item or any item purchased by the guest in substitution for the items listed. The voucher shall remain valid for a period of seven (7) days after the event; We will charge the guest a minimal administration fee for the issue of the voucher which may be reasonably varied.
    4.3. You will furnish us with the name or names and email addresses of a contact person for us to confirm the proof of validity of a voucher for the customer to redeem.
    4.4. You will, at all times, retain a credit in your account with us of not less than R150 as a prepayment for advertising charges and any shortfall in the account existing after the debiting of the advertising charges must be settled by you immediately on notification of the shortfall by us. We reserve the right to make reasonable adjustments on notice to you of the level of the required prepayment.
    4.5. The Credit in your account with us will not attract interest;
    4.6. The advertising charges which are paid to us are activated when your logo appears on the gift list next to an item on the gift list at the rate of R3.75 inclusive of VAT per guest on the guest list which will be debited by us against the pre-payments referred to in 4.4, subject to our rights to make reasonable adjustments to the rate.
    4.7. You will receive a monthly statement of account from us at the end of each month on receipt of which you will settle the account in full including any shortfall for prepayments up to the standard balance referred to in 4.4, in order to keep your account and your registration with us valid;
    4.8.We expect you to maintain a high standard of service to our customers,
    and failure to do so by you may result in summary cancellation of our agreement with you. If the agreement is cancelled by either of us you will be removed from the App and any credit remaining in your account will be refunded to you within 30 days of your removal from the app less any outstanding amount which may be owed by you to us and any bank transfer and sundry costs. You will, however, be bound by your legal obligations to the purchaser and must honour the voucher up to the end of its validity period.
    4.9. The delivery of goods to the customer and any costs related thereto shall be a matter to be arranged between you and the customer;
    4.10. You are bound by our policy in regard to personal information which reads as follows:
    4.10.1. On registration with Huzzah on this App I/we, whether participating as an Event Owner a Guest or Retailer, give my/our permission to Huzzah to utilise such of our personal information as may be required for the purposes of linking together participating Retailers, Event Owners and Guests to assist the conclusion of purchases of items specified on the list provided by the Event Owner and for research and analysis by Huzzah and its associates and for this and no other purpose. In the case of the information being used for research and analysis Huzzah shall insure that it is conducted in a way that no third-party will be able to identify the owner of the personal information.
    4.11. You indemnify us against any claims made by any third party or any customer arising from the sale and purchase of any item sold by you to any customer of the App;
    4.12. Unless otherwise provided for in this agreement, should either you or we remain in breach of any material term of this agreement for a period of seven days after receipt of written notice to remedy the breach, the offended party may cancel this agreement and exercise the legal rights to which the party may be an App;
    4.13. Neither you nor we shall have any claim whatsoever to ownership of each other's intellectual property nor will you seek directly or indirectly to compete with us in the sphere of internet gift registration;
    4.14. During our business relationship we may have access to each other’s business or trade secrets which we both agree that we shall at all times keep confidential;
    4.15. All payments to us are to be made to our bank account, the details of which are:
    * Bank name: First National Bank
    * Account name: Huzzah (Pty) Ltd
    * Account number: 62892728092
    * Bank code: 260225
    4.16. All notices shall be given by email. Our email address is:
    * Your email address is as disclosed in the Retailer Schedule
    4.17. You confirm that the information given by you in the Retailer Schedule at the end of this document is true and correct and your representative is duly authorised to bind you contractually.

  5. This offer is made to you on the ____ day of ________ 2021 by our authorised signatory signing below and will become binding on you and us immediately on acceptance by signature on your behalf by your authorised signatory. Your registration on the App will be effected on payment of the amounts referred to in paragraph 4.6.